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Are you searching all over the internet on how to make easy money online using Google, Yahoo search, Ask Jeeves, etc? In your search you would often see survey websites talk about how they pay you for answering a few questions; yet at the same time there would be some review websites, talking of paid surveys being all fluff, and hype. That can make things confusing for you. So I’m sure you’re wondering:  “Can I make easy money taking surveys?” YES, yes you can, and it’s FREE! =D Paid surveys are one of the easiest ways to make money online. (And also one of my favorites) It’s perfect for beginners, or newbies who are just starting on their money making journey. While there are many paid surveys that are legit, there are others that are flukes that scams you out of your precious time and effort. I’ve made this blog to help make your search in finding legitimate paid surveys sites more easier. I know you’re not here to read a wall of text SO I’m going give you the list of the top 7 online survey sites. These are sites that I personally make money from everyday, and even throw in a honest review on them! Here they are:

- Pinecone Research is by far my top favorite paid survey sites. Their surveys are always fun to do. When taking surveys, you’re never ‘screened out’ or disqualified from the study. They’re never too long to take, and they always pay on time. You are paid $3 per survey via check or paypal. Sometimes the pay maybe more depending on the projects they may send you to test at home. Pinecone Research does not recruit new members through their homepage, but by banner ads, or links which they send out when they’re open for new sign ups. Unfortunately they are not open right now. Until then, I’ll be sure to keep a sharp eye out for any opening opportunities, and place them in one of my future updates on this blog so you can join this awesome site. Should you find any be sure to jump on it! Go to the website to learn more!


Sign ups are currenly closed! Pinecone Research are not looking for anymore new members until the next opening.

- Opinion Outpost is another awesome survey site, and my second favorite one. When you become an panelist to the website, you’re sent surveys fairly often, that takes 10 to 20 minutes to complete, and sometimes a little longer. Sometimes you’re even sent projects to try new products, and give your say on them. You can even keep the products too! Sometimes you won’t qualify for certain studies, but even then you’re given an opportunity to win instant money in on of their chance games. When the surveys are completed you are rewarded points, that can be redeemable for checks, amazon gift certificates, and Citi gift cards. Every 10 points equals $1, and minimum payout is 50 points (Or $5). This is definitely another survey site worth joining!

- MySurvey (Formerly called Lightspeed Consumer Panel) is one of the more frequent paying survey site. When you sign up, you almost instantly start receiving survey invitations in your inbox. And from there continue to receive invitations everyday. The surveys usually take 20 minutes to complete, and you’re paid from 75 to 150 points. However there will be times where you may receive very lengthy studies. Fortunately you are rewarded for completing the longer ones more so. The pay method as I mentioned earlier is through points, which are redeemable for various rewards such as paypal, gift cards, Amazon gift certificates, video games (Yes people I said video games :P ) and SO much more. As great as the site is, there is a bit of an downfall. Sometimes when doing an survey, in the middle or sometimes at the end of it, an technical error would come up, causing you be unable to complete the study, and lose your points. I’ve had this problem a couple times but even then I remain an active panelist. I’m still earning continuous rewards to this day. With this I HIGHLY recommend anyone to register to this site! (For the full review click here)

- Ipsos I-Say is another site that sends survey invitations very often. The surveys are really fun to do, and the average completion time per study ranges from 20 to 30 minutes. I-Say has an benefit that is unlike normal paid survey sites, called the Loyalty Program. When you complete an certain amount of surveys, you’re given extra ‘loyalties’ points to add on top of that! The pay methods are points which are redeemed for checks, gift cards, amazon gift certificates, and other rewards.

- Global Test Market is a reputable international research panel that’s been around for a very long time. They send multiple survey invites to your inbox daily. The surveys you take are quite fun to take, and usually takes about 20 minutes to complete. Sometimes you may get surveys that are longer. This can be a bit tedious, but fortunately you are rewarded more for this effort. When you qualify and complete a survey you are compensated in points which you can redeem for checks. The minimum payout is 1000 points or $50, yes I said 50 dollars! While Global Test Market pays well, on the down side it does take a while to reach the minimum payout, but being consistent is very well worth it!

- Opinion Square is a good website to sign up for if you don’t mind being paid by prizes instead of cash. Survey invitations come very often, and they’re quite easy to qualify and complete. With every completed survey you’re rewarded 200 points, which are redeemable for prizes such as gift cards, electronics, dvds, and more! I’ve earn a couple of prizes out of this site pretty quickly so I definitely recommended signing up!


- Valued Opinions is another survey websites who doesn’t pay by cash but by rewards. When you sign up as a panelist, you began to receive invitations almost immediately. Most surveys pay $2, and $5, and sometimes even more so on special occasions. Minimum payout is $20, and can be redeemed for amazon gift certificates, Macy’s gift cards, Blockbuster, and other forms of gift cards, and certificates! The only downside about Valued Opinions is that it takes awhile for your account to be credited after an survey is completed. But overall it’s worth joining!


- If you do not live in the US (United States) , then you may find survey opportunities that are available in your country within this post: International Paid Surveys Sites

I hope this blog will prove helpful  in your making easy money online.  Now know that the surveys mentioned above aren’t the only ones that are legit. There are many others out there and in my future posts I will be adding them. Be sure to bookmark my blog, because I will be updating occasionally, and I don’t want you to miss out on any opportunities!


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4 Responses to Top 7 Legitimate Paid Survey Sites

  1. Nirob Akash says:

    Hello Ari,
    I start my earning money from Panda research which is trusted company. but I don't find this on your given paid service list. And I know about panda research from Make Money Taking Surveys
    website. Would you please add this website to your list?

  2. Ari says:

    Hey Nirob, thanks for taking the time to comment on here. (And also I apologize for the late reply :( )

    About Panda Research, I have never participated in Panda Research surveys, mainly due to alot of negative reviews and comments made towards that site. Because of that I'm a little iffy about joining it… However I'm glad that the site is working for you. (May consider trying it in the future to see what it's about) Thanks again for commenting! :)

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