PollBuzzer Review Update – Is PollBuzzer Really Legit?

Hey everyone! Hope you’re day has been well so far. :)   This week’s post is another update but one of the newer Paid Survey Opportunities, PollBuzzer.  It’s been a little since I wrote the review. In it, I’ve promised you that I would keep tabs on this site, and following through with that promise, today I’m going to tell you the overall results:

I’ve been checking out PollBuzzer for quite a while now.  Just recently I’ve received a few invitations from them to do a survey study. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to answer their questions on time.  However I did manage to answer one on time.  The next day I’ve received an email that I’ve been paid $1 and the money sent to me in my paypal account!  Here’s the payment proof:

 (Click to Enlarge)

As you can see PollBuzzer is truly legit!  The whole quick real time surveys this paid survey site provides is really awesome,  and I like that the pay is sent almost instantaneously.  (It’s takes from 15 minutes to a day max) However at the sametime there is a con to it. Whenever you receive a survey you MUST complete it before a certain time. It could be as little as a few hours that the survey would be available to you to take.  Another con is that the surveys don’t come very often, a few times a month. Because of that, this paid survey site would be best used along with other survey sites. Besides these few cons PollBuzzer is a paid survey site that will surely grow in popularity someday. This is DEFINITELY a site you should register for and try out.

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