PollBuzzer Review – Legit or Scam?

Hey everyone, I hope you all been well.  It’s been a while since I last made a actual post. As you all know it’s all due to the new changes done on Make Easy Money Surveys – From the migration from Blogger to WordPress up, to updating the blog’s layout.  It’s been quite a task doing all these things. I’ve ran into a bit of bumps along the way which was why I took so long to post a new article on here. All in all I believe it’s  was well worth it. I hope you all like the new look, and the new things that will be coming in the near future! =)  Anyways on to more important things, I have a new Paid Survey review for you all. This site is called PollBuzzer, and  here’s the review:


What is PollBuzzer?

PollBuzzer is a Paid Survey panel that came into the scene fairly recently. This site was created by Noah Seton, and Matt McLoughlin and they dedicate their work into market researching on different consumer product companies. They rely on consumers (AKA everyday people like you and I) to help them in that research through their surveys.

Like most survey sites, Pollbuzzer is completely FREE to join.  Sign up is very simple and only takes a minute or less.  Once you receive confirmation, and become a full member you’re then taken to  a page in the website where you must participate in their profiling (or demographics) surveys. It only takes a couple minutes to complete. Once you’re done you’re well on your way to taking their real surveys.

The topics in  PollBuzzer’s survey studies are  quite various. They range from new products, to even your everyday hobbies, and interests.  Now this is where this site differs from a lot of other paid survey websites.  When you take their surveys it takes only 5 to 15 seconds, sometimes 20 seconds! That’s pretty darn fast if you ask me.


PollBuzzer Payment Method

For every survey you complete on PollBuzzer, you’re paid $1.00 which is their minimum payout.  They pay you via paypal, and it’s done automatically, which is another thing that makes this site different from other survey sites. This means you don’t have to go through the process of requesting your money.  They also have an altnernative option where instead of getting paid you can use that money to give back to the communities through a list of different charities which is pretty neat!


Is PollBuzzer Legit or a Scam?

I’m pretty sure you’re all wondering about this, so here’s my take on this site. When I first heard of PollBuzzer which was very recent, I really liked the  idea of doing surveys that literally takes a moment of your time to complete. However I was a little unsure about it. So of course I’ve researched this site especially since it’s still new. In result, I’ve heard only great things about it, which convinced me to join it.  With this I truly believe that PollBuzzer is legitimate!  I also believe this website is very much worth registering for and giving it a shot.

I’ll be on top of this website and post an update about it in the near future so keep a look out for it!

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