Leger Web – Legit or Scam?

Recently I was doing some research on new paid survey opportunities (To add on to the paid surveys I’m already making easy money from.), and I recently came across a website called Leger Web.  So I googled around to learn more about this, and in the end I decided to sign up for this site. To my surprised I was already a member on Leger Webs! At first I was confused, then I remembered a day where I was one a signing up spree on paid survey sites, and this just happens to be one of them.  I’ve done a few surveys on there, then…somewhere along the line I just forgot about it, given that I was much more focused on my more regular paid survey sites. I’m going to cut down to the chase since you’re most likely aren’t here to read stories. lol In this update I’m going to talk about Leger Web, and whether if it’s worth giving a shot or not.:
 Leger Web   is a paid survey website that was founded in 2004 by Leger Market Research- a very reputable Canadian-owned research company. It is the one of the largest survey panels in Canada.  It is also open for panelist from USA.  The surveys topics they conduct revolves around everyday issues. The time it takes to complete the surveys is 8 to 10 minutes.  In return for taking the time to answer the surveys, and give your opinion, you are rewarded with cash, and entries to win monthly contests.  Payout is set at $20.  Pay methods are cash via checks, and chances to win an Ipod, $100, and even $1000!

- Is Leger Web legit or scam? 

Well from the research I’ve done about this website I’ve heard nothing but positive things about this website. So I say this sites’ pretty legit! So far I’ve done a few surveys, and accumulated $4 in my account so far. As soon as I reached the payout point I will make a post update on it. In conclusion I believe Leger Web is a website you should definitely register, and give a go at! 

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