Is InspiredOpinions a Scam? (NOT Recommended)

Hey everyone, I’m  so sorry  for this update being overdue.  I’ve been so busy, and it’s only today that I finally got a break. I hope this new opportunity to make easy money online will make up for the delay. In this update I will be giving you an review of InspiredOpinions.

InspiredOpinions is a  paid survey panel that has been around for a little while.  It  owned and ran by Schlesinger Associates- an online research community that is dedicated in gathering views, and opinions of everyday people (like you and myself) on different topics.  Sign up is completely FREE and very simple so it only takes a few minutes to become a full member.  

Once a member of the survey website, you’re occasionally sent surveys that contained various studies on everyday things such as technology, food, healthcare, and much more. The surveys are often brief so it takes about 10 minutes to complete, sometimes 20 minutes.  Now online surveys isn’t the only kind IspiredOpinions conduct. They also invite the panelist to telephone surveys, and in person.  You’re rewarded for your opinions points which can be redeemed for amazon gift certificates. In addition you’re also given entries to  Minimum payout is 1000 points ($10 Amazon credits)  

Is InspiredOpinionsa Scam?

So far this website seems very legit. I’ve taken a few surveys from them, and already I’m nearing the minimum payout. Hopefully soon, I’ll be able to redeem for amazon gift certificates, and add it onto the ‘Total Earnings’ for this month.  Overall I believe InspiredOpinions is definitely worth a shot. If you enjoy taking surveys, and are a Amazon shopper like me, then you should give this site a try!   

Updated: August 16 2012:

I’ve recently wrote a review update on Inspired Opinions. Due to some trouble I had with this site, I do not recommend joining this paid survey site. (Click Here to find out why…) Until things change on that site I highly recommend joining other survey panels. Here are several top paid survey sites you can check out.

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