Top 7 Legitimate Paid Survey Sites

  Are you searching all over the internet on how to make easy money online using Google, Yahoo search, Ask Jeeves, etc? In your search you would often see survey websites talk about how they pay you for answering a few questions; yet at the same time there would be some review websites, talking of paid surveys being all fluff, and hype. That can make things confusing for you. So I'm sure you're wondering:  "Can I make easy money taking surveys?" YES, yes you can, and it's FREE! =D Paid surveys are one of the easiest ways to make money online. (And also one of my favorites) It's perfect for beginners, [...]

Why Paid Surveys are Great for College Students – How it Can Help You Make Extra Money

    Hey everyone hope  you've having a great week so far. During the past week I've been reading a lot of articles, and online discussion topics, and I noticed that a lot of college students tend to ask around for ways they could make money.  I can really sympathize with them, being a college student myself.  College is one of the most exciting places to be at. It's the beginning stage of your dream careers, or sometimes  it's the place where you discover your dream career.  At the same time it can put quite a strain on you especially financial wise.  While paying for your tuition you also have to pay for food, and other [...]

Paid Surveys for Teens – The Top 3 Best Paying Online Surveys

  Hey everyone it's been a while.  Hope you really had an awesome summer. :) I'm really sorry for not posting in a while.  A lot of things have been happening that unfortunately resulted in me having to go away for awhile.  I just got back home very recently, and I'm still pretty tired from the trip.  But enough about me,  in today's post is going to be about an issue that's been buzzing around a lot lately. These days you would often hear, or read about how jobs are increasingly hard to find with how unstable the economy is. This is especially hard for teenagers all over the world. Over the recent years the age requirement for [...]

An Update on Inspired Opinions – Find Out if It’s Really Worth Your Time

  Hey everyone. It's been a while.  Hope you all been well.  In my last post I've announced that I would be making an new blog. I'm still working on it as we speak. But today I decided to take a little break from it to write a new post here.   About a year ago I've written an review on Inspired Opinions a fairly recent paid survey site  I had said a lot of good things about it.  Now...I'm sure some of you are wondering if this site is really worth your time? Does it pay? Is it really legitimate  In this update you'll find out... I've been taking surveys from Inspired Opinions on and off for a while. Not as frequent as other surveys.  [...]
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